My name is Ian Sarachan and I am a soccer coach at Creighton University. I am on my own journey of figuring out what it means to be a coach, manager, leader and all-around better person. I believe that information and knowledge should not be kept secret but rather shared with those interested in learning. That is how this project was born.

Coach In Full was created with the idea of not only providing a resource for coaches to learn but also allowing them to realize the power of self-education. As a young coach I realized that we can teach ourselves so much by being open and willing to admit we don't know everything. With the vast amount of resources available to each of us it would be wasteful not to utilize every avenue.

The name Coach In Full is representative of the idea that being a coach or leader requires us to take a holistic approach to developing our own unique set of skills. I don't believe anyone should expect there to be a "perfect" coach, but I think it is necessary to look at the entire body of work we're creating. Build on strengths, improve your deficiencies. 

This site has really come from my own passion to continue learning. But along with that my dad, Dave, who has been my greatest resource throughout my life is an important part of this project. He will be a contributor and partner as we continue to build Coach In Full. 

My hope is that other people want to share and collaborate as well. This project will ultimately be more successful if many people work together to share valuable information. It is my sincere desire that this site can be a tool as you further your own education and work towards becoming a Coach In Full!

It is impossible to begin to learn that which one thinks one already knows
— Epictetus