I started Coach In Full with high hopes and big expectations. For context, throughout my life many times a new idea pops into my head it takes hold of me, all consuming and I get so far down the road envisioning what it could become that I forget to just do the damn thing. This was true with Coach In Full. But I believe in our concept more than ever. My personal desire to learn from all of the people we have access to in the 21st century is never ending. That’s why I am taking a new approach. I guess I am considering this a refresh of sorts. Both with Coach In Full as well as my own life. I have always wanted to share thoughts and ideas, to start conversations, but many times my desire to make a blog post or podcast “perfect” has made this difficult. I realized (with the help of my wife) that if I continue to take this approach a good idea could go by the wayside, and that would be a shame. So I’m going to put myself out there more, be more vulnerable (as the brilliant Brené Brown talks about) all in the hopes of making Coach In Full a place where people can learn, discuss and grow. I am going to stop worrying if every post is “perfect”, or if I found just the right picture to go along with each one. Because what I always knew, but realized again was that there is no perfect and peripheral details don’t matter nearly as much anyway. What matters is the content and that it can be useful to someone, even just one person.

The great Seth Godin often tells his readers and listeners, to “write every day” and in his own words, “committing to having a point of view and scheduling a time and place to say something is almost certainly going to improve your thinking, your attitude and your trajectory.” I believe this and in doing so we will improve those things he mentions. I will strive to post something EVERY DAY, short or long it doesn’t matter. This is the new goal. I know it won’t always work out that way, such is life, but this is my aim.

So to wrap up this little spiel I want everyone to know that I still have those high hopes and big ideas but I also want to make this the best possible site for coaches to learn from on a daily basis and I know that taking a fresh approach can help us get to that point. As always your ideas, thoughts and feedback is welcome. More than ever it’s important that this be not unlike a co-op. We all should know that when a group works together it gets further than the individual.

I appreciate your support and can’t wait to make this platform what I know it can be.