We Need More Draymonds

Image via  SB Nation

Image via SB Nation

Draymond Green is many things, maybe none more than polarizing. People either tend to love or hate him. His behavior at times drive spectators and opponents nuts. But along with that he is one of the greatest competitors I have had the pleasure of watching. His drive and will to win is insatiable. It’s something that is truly inspiring. He has become so important in almost every aspect of basketball for the Warriors, and in a sports world without many generalists, he has shown how valuable being one can be. He can pass, shoot, handle the ball, rebound, and defend both individually and collectively at a ridiculous level. There really isn’t much on the court he hasn’t shown competency in. This combined with his self-awareness (see articles here and here and here) has made him a guy that I have so much respect for as an athlete, and minus some of the antics, a guy who young athletes can use as a real example.

I wonder how good almost every other team would be with a guy like him?

Even in other sports, probably pretty good.