Why I'm Doing This

Photo from  Wisconsin athletics

Having been fortunate enough to spend all of my life up to this point around some of the best soccer minds in the history of U.S. Soccer, other high-level athletes, and experiencing the highs and lows throughout my own playing career, I felt this would be the best platform for me to share my perspective on various topics and pieces of advice that have been shared with me along my own continuing journey. 

I never have, or will take for granted the nuggets of wisdom I picked up in locker rooms, on the field and in general conversation. They helped me greatly in my own journey as an athlete and continue to provide a foundation in my personal and professional life today. This is a chance for me to reflect on moments throughout my career as a soccer player and life after playing, as well as current topics that I find interesting or of potential value. 

Much of the information on the internet tends to be open-ended or purely for the benefit of clicks and web traffic. I'm doing this because I find certain things interesting and want to share them. I hope that the words on the following pages can help you gain knowledge or better yourself in some way. Please feel free to share your comments and feedback. I hope you enjoy!