Movement Practice after Training

Recently I have gotten in the habit of committing to a movement practice after my daily training, or exercise regimen. Movement practice can be anything in the realm of yoga, pilates, etc. I was turned on to the Gaiam Yoga Studio app. I really wasn't big on this kind of thing before but the ease of which you can use it any place at any time has become very useful. I think the thing that people don't realize about practices such as yoga, is that they are just that, practices. In fact the whole point of yoga for me has been about improving each pose over the course of what has turned into many years. I am nowhere near a professional, but I don't intend to be. I do however have the confidence to now perform many poses better than even a month ago. 

Yoga and exercise should be sacred to each individual in the sense of being able to help each person improve themselves in some way. These are more than putting your body through physical training. In fact both have become meditative over the years for me. If I go a day without doing one or the other I feel "off". I think that yoga on some level is for every individual. Most humans can't say that they don't need to improve their flexibility or ability to be calm under stress. Yoga helps both. Try the app out, it can be as easy or as hard as you desire. The bottom line with movement practices is that in order to make it a regular habit you must commit to it and continue working on it every day.