And we're back...

I think as a society we’d pretty much agree that 2016 was a weird year. Everything from politics to celebrities, social media and sports. Lest we forget that the Cubs won the World Series and the city of Cleveland won something of importance. Personally it was a pretty good year with the addition to our family and a new job. But nonetheless I know most are excited that 2017 is upon us.

I started this blog about a year ago when I was in between career moves. I was energized about it and determined to write. Writing has always been a hobby of mine and this was a way for me to share some of my thoughts and ideas with whoever cared to read them. I’ll be the first to say that my commitment to sharing on a consistent basis was lacking. For no real reason mind you, but this is something in 2017 I plan to change. My hope is that something I write may be interesting to even one person. If so, great, but if not that’s fine too. If nothing else it is a way for me to refine a skill that I believe to be valuable in life.

Happy New Year.